The Überetsch

    The Beautiful High Plateau above the Bozen Valley

    Ages ago, the Überetsch was covered by a glacier. The erosion that followed over millions of years formed what we can now enjoy with all our senses.

    Many and various stones and minerals can be found in this area. One of the best places to look is behind the Gleif-Church in Saint Michael, but also in Altenburg and near the Montiggler Lake.

    Another point of interest is called the Ice Holes, near Oberplanitzing/Gand. This is a fascinating place with cool air and high Alpine vegetation all year 'round.
    The path leading to the Ice Holes begins right behind our house.

    View toward Girlan, Ritten, Kohlern
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    Terraced Vineyard above Lake Kaltern
    Kaltern and the Mendel Massif
    Aerial View of Kaltern
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