Our garden

    We are spending a lot of time outdoors planting everything that grows
    well in our region - and that is a lot!
    We are constantly amazed at the variety of things that grow around our house. Even though we believe we know how this garden that we have been observing for so many years, functions, suddenly, for no apparent reason, something unexpected happens: in a totally "unsuitable" place, the most beautiful tomatoes start to grow and there, where we followed the text book and did everything "right", the harvest is small.

    But those are rare instances. Our garden has never disappointed us. At the most, it has puzzled us. It has always produced enough for a good, healthy, harmonious meal – or a few pleasant hours.

    Paradeis, Tomatos, Pomodori....
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    Paradeis, Tomatos, Pomodori....
    Herzlich Willkommen am Tröpfltalhof.