Amphorae wines


    I chose the amphorae because I wanted the raw material, the grapes, what nature gives us every year to express itself.
    The amphorae are made with clay, a natural material familiar to the roots of the vines, they meet it making their way into the soil from which they feed.
    I chose the Spanish type amphorae because they allow me to interact with the wine in a natural way. They can be moved, and this allows me to move them from the cellar to the ground floor when I have to decant.
    This allows me to use gravity. I'don't use pumps.
    I prefer to use the forces of nature!

    In the cellar

    In the cellar the practices are as simple as possible, the natural continuation of what we do in the vineyard.
    For all our wines we behave like this:
    - fermentations are spontaneous by indigenous yeasts only;
    - to make decanting we do not use pumps. We prefer to use the forces of nature and for this reason we bring the amphorae to the ground floor and use the force of gravity and make decanting;
    - our wines do not undergo filtration or clarification;
    - in no phase of winemaking we use sulfur dioxide. We only add a little to the bottling but in very very low quantities, as little as possible.

    Herzlich Willkommen am Tröpfltalhof.