The wine...where I live!

    My house is in the heart of the vineyard. The sauvignon vineyard, just over 1 hectare, surrounds our family farm. Here we live and here our wines are born. We are at an altitude of 500 mt asl and nature has given us a particular soil, very rich in limestone skeleton and volcanic porphyry. After a long work, the vineyard has now reached an almost perfect vegetative harmony. The vines are up to 30 years of age.
    In many years I already manage to achieve a harmonious maturation using only corroborating substances.
    I harvest late in the autumn, when the small sparse grapes have reached a golden yellow colour and the fullness of the aroma.

    Spontaneous fermentations by indigenous yeasts in clay amphorae.
    Only in spring, following the cosmic rhythms, the wine is separated from the skins. However, the wine returns to the amphora where it remains on the noble lees (fecce fini). Following the rhythm of the "seven-years" life cycles, I wait for my wine to reach the "age of majority" of 21 months before leaving the amphorae.
    In this long period, an internal natural stability develops, which gives the wine a long life potential.
    Once in the bottle, I still wait about 24 months before leaving it free in the world of wine. Only when bottling (and never along its path) do I add sulphites, but in minimal quantities. No filtration or clarification.


    Garnellen is enriched in every vintage, always expressing some of its thousandth characters.
    The colour varies from an intense straw yellow to golden yellow.
    The nose, which always stands out for its intensity and complexity, expresses ripe fruit (which - according to the vintage - remind us of apricot, quince, pear and citrus fruits) as well as yellow flowers. Characteristic hints of aromatic (thyme, sage, oregano) and mountain herbs , pepper and ginger are always present.
    Large on the palate, in balance between smoothness and hardness, Sauvignon is full-bodied and has a silky tannic vein that enriches the sip. The great structure and intensity never weigh down the drink because they are always well balanced by freshness, flavour and a "pungent" minerality. The finish is long and pleasant.

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    Sauvignon Garnellen
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