Nothing new, just remember the essentials

    Being in close contact with nature, with everything I do, and recognizing the right moment. For over 30 years I accompany the grapes on their way from the vine to the bottle. Today I know for sure: most of my work consists of observation.

    Biodynamics is not only a cultivation method, but the holistic development of the farmer with his estate (Maso).
    In this system, man must only be an integral, non-dominant part.

    I want to do something for nature, not against it!

    I want a vibrant wine of energy, which is expressed in the most authentic and vital way.
    To do this we must allow nature to fully express itself and to tell its story and its holds

    Wasser, Bewegung
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    Teich für alle Lebewesen
    Erde, Ruhepol
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    Kompost aus Kuhmist und Präparaten
    feiner Sprühwind
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    Ausbringen der Präparate
    Chaos und Gleichklang
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    Dynamisieren der Präparate
    Bienennahrung, Bienenwonne
    ZoomDownload Bienennahrung, Bienenwonne
    Herzlich Willkommen am Tröpfltalhof.