Rosè anphora

    RosèMarie is a blend of Merlot (about 80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon.
    The Merlot vineyard is located in a place called "Feld": we are 270 meters above sea level with excellent exposure and close enough to Lake Caldaro to benefit from its breezes and the microclimate it gives.
    The vines are almost 20 years old. The vineyard is small, about half a hectare.
    The terrain, however, is very particular, very rich in skeleton. We are close to the ancient river bed of the Adige river, and here the roots of the vines sink deep, making their way between river gravels deposited before the geological events of the past indicated to the river another more favorable route to him.
    It is a particular place, where there is a beautiful energy.
    But on the other hand I grow Merlot exclusively to make RosèMarie! I wanted something special!
    Cabernet sauvignon (15%) come from “Barleith” vineyard.

    I also chose amphorae for rosé. I wanted the wine to express the characteristics of the raw material in the most natural way.
    The wine remains in amphora on its fine lees for 10-11 months before going into the bottle. There are no filtrations and I add sulphites only to the bottling, just a bit, as little as possible.
    Herzlich Willkommen am Tröpfltalhof.