Naturally, wine!


    I want a vibrant wine of energy, authentic and vital. To do this we have to allow nature to fully express itself and to tell its story and its present. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar.
    I want to do something for nature, not against it! (Andreas)

    The grapes for our wines come from three small vineyards of our property, located in 3 different places, each with distinctive characteristics.
    In total we have less than 3 hectares of vineyards.

    Our small vineyards have always been treated in biodynamics.
    For us it is not simply a cultivation method. It is a holistic approach in which all farm (Maso) activities participate.

    Even in the winery, the method is absolutely minimalist and aimed at letting the grapes give us the most natural expression every year. There are no corrective actions and nothing is added.

    Winery practices are as simple and natural as possible.
    For all our wines we behave like this:
    - fermentations are spontaneous by indigenous yeasts only;
    - to make decanting we do not use pumps. We prefer to use the forces of nature and for this reason we bring the amphorae to the ground floor and use the force of gravity and make decanting;
    - our wines do not undergo filtration or clarification;
    - in no phase of winemaking we use sulfur dioxide. We only add a little to the bottling but in very very low quantities, as little as possible.

    For 3 of our wines we have chosen the Amphorae: Garnellen, Barleith and RosèMarie.
    Fermentations and refinements on fine lees take place in the amphorae.

    For Le Viogn we use a large barrel.
    For Storlond barrique of numerous passages.

    Our company and its products are Demeter certified.
    We are proud of it, but we believe that it is basically a starting point.
    As you may have understood, our approach has always been much more rigorous (and natural) than required (as a minimum requirement) by certification !!

    Weinbereitung in Amphoren
    Weinbereitung in Amphoren
    Wein vom Stein
    Wein vom Stein

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